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New Patient Reviews


I have to share our experience with Dr. Mark Haynes as it has been remarkable for us. My husband has had severe sciatic nerve pain for a year and a half. He is a retired physician and so traditional methods were tried first, Physical Therapy, cortisone shots and epidural injections to no avail. Then massage, acupuncture and all kinds and variety of oils, creams and pain patches. Finally I convinced him (I am a believer) to try chiropractic, “It can’t hurt”. After four visits his pain was gone. Now this is more than I could believe but it is true and has continued to be so. He is walking more, sitting comfortably in most places and able to ride in the car for a distance. All of these things were not possible due to constant pain. GONE!! I have been in chiropractic care for 30 years by different practitioners and I find Dr. Haynes technique to be unique, gentle and very effective. His office staff is professional and compassionate. I recommend him with no reservations.

Sara M.

Experience Was Excellent

I have been very impressed with my first two visits to see Dr. Haynes. Michelle was very helpful from my first call and explaining how things worked and the procedures of the visit. Dr. Haynes explained all he was doing and was very attentive and reviewed my health issues and explained his methods of care. The experience was excellent and I feel everyone was interested in my care and improving my health.

Charles D.

Very Comfortable

I was very comfortable from the beginning with the friendly, competent staff. The additional information that is streaming while you wait is very helpful. Being able to see evaluation results on-line helps in making decisions and understanding issues.

Ann G.

Most Helpful Exam

Most helpful exam I have had from a chiropractor. The discussion of the exam findings brought out many, if not most, of the events that have shaped the current condition of my spine. Very enlightening. I saw immediate positive results from my first visit, confirmed by a followup x-ray. The technique Dr. Mark and Dr. Celeste use is by far the most effective chiropractic manipulation I have experienced.

Larry S.